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Value Added Agriculture Development Center

South Dakota Value Added Agriculture Processing

The Value Added Agriculture Development Center has provided education and technical assistance to individuals, groups and communities over the past decade.  During that time, we have created a successful history of assisting in the development and expansion of agribusiness ventures that bring value to our agricultural producers and local-state economies.

The long term support provided by our members and USDA is appreciated.  Their commitment to creating and achieving our goals has been instrumental in the VAADC becoming established as the ‘go to’ place for agribusiness development in South Dakota.

The VAADC also appreciates the collaboration of our partners who provide ancillary services and strategy to adequately address each phase of project development.

Our clients who bring their ideas to develop cooperatives and other types of businesses that enhance the quality of traditional commodities and spur the introduction of new products are the reason the VAADC exists.  The VAADC remains dedicated to helping you bring your ideas and expansion plans to fruition. 

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